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Oh, Florida - by the sea, by the sea - Disney world, and palm trees. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven when the agonizing toothache grabbed my head, neck, ears, and eyes. The beautiful vacation home in Orlando became my house of horrors.

All alone with a killer toothache is not what I call fun. The pain was so intense it made me feel as though the top of my head was about to explode, just like the pain exploding in my mouth. I spun around in circles waiting for pain relief to appear before my eyes. I was searching for the angel of mercy and there was none.

The angel of mercy turned out to be the dentist, the Emergency Dentist 24/7™. Just when I thought all was lost, and while I was still conscious, I turned to the computer for wisdom and a dentist.

Now, I'm in love with my pc, and my dentist. Together the Emergency Dentist 24/7™ and; the computer took me to the promised land - the dentist's office with the wonders of modern technology and science.

Before I knew it, this merlin in a white suit, saved my life and sent me off to see mickey and Minnie.

It's true - toothaches do suck.

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Emergency Dentist Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also do non-emergent dentistry?
Yes! Beyond being here for your emergeny needs, we are capable of meeting all your dental needs, whether they be emergency-related, cosmetic or if you simply want to schedule a check-up.

Are you really open all the time?
Yes! If your pain is unbearable we will always make an appointment right away so you can get beyond the pain. If we determine the pain is persistent but bearable, we will schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

What if I don't have inurance or I can't pay right away?
Our first concern is taking care of your pain. We have payment options that you can read about in our patient info section.

Do you make house calls?
No, we do not make house calls. All appointments are in a dentist's office.

I don't have insurance - can i still be a patient?
Dental insurance is not the same as medical insurance. The cost for any procedure is the same, with or without insurance. Please, do not stay away because you don't have insurance. In other words, a $50 procedure is $50 with or without insurance.

My toothache feels like it is going up into my head - am i going to die?
If you have a bad toothache, it is wise to go to the dentist rather than asking friends, neighbors, coworkers, and our live representatives if you are going to die.

Do you take checks?
We discourage checks because all too often the checks bounce. That is not to say that everyone who uses checks does so for the wrong reasons. Our advice is to cash the check on the way to your dental appointment, if possible.

Do you take walk-ins?
Although there are a few exceptions, most of our offices do not accept walk-ins. Therefore, it is always best to call first and schedule an appointment. Although we have dentists on call 24 hours a day, they are not necessarily waiting in their office.

You say you are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - what about 3AM on New Year's Eve?
24/7/365 means just that. We are always on call to address your dental problem. All it takes is a phone call with one our skilled medically trained live operators who will assess your problem and set up an immediate appointment.

Are these real dentists?
All of our dentists are, of course, highly credentialed dental professionals. No dentist is invited to join the practice without first passing our rigorous standards of excellence in dentistry. No, we don;t use patients to test our dental abilities - we let them practice on our staff......just kidding.

Why don't you take my insurance? If you don't take it, why not?
All ED24/7 dentists are privately owned, independent practices. The practice decides which insurance companies with which they participate. Your insurance provider is required to give you a list of its participating dental practices.

How much does it cost to have a tooth pulled?
Because no two teeth are alike, we cannot assess your dental issue before seeing you in person, and therefore cannot quote prices for extractions. Patients often shop around for the best price, and the is expected. Remember when comparing prices to be sure to ask if all fees are included; x-rays, novacaine, sedation, follow-up visits, etc.. In some cases you will find that when you add up all of the extra charges, the seemingly cheapest extraction will turn out to be the most expensive!

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